community management solar


Communities can benefit from solar in many ways. Whether you are a property management company seeking solar for a client, an HOA looking to do solar for a community center or pool, or a group of neighbors looking for better discounts, Universal Solar is here to help.


Group buy-ins. Save money when you go green with your neighbors.


How does Group Buy work?

The old adage that there is “power in numbers” remains true when making purchasing decisions. We are able to group orders for those in the same neighborhoods together to help save each homeowner money.

If you have at least 3+ neighbors (within a 2 mile radius) interested in solar, contact us. An energy specialist will give a group presentation, then visit each home individually to do a quick assessment. Once everyone is signed-up, we are able to receive group pricing discounts with our manufacturers, and are able to group our labor crews to be as efficient as possible for the installations. Not having to travel further than a few streets to each job site saves time, allowing our crews to accomplish more per day, saving money. The more neighbors are able to participate, the better the discounts.


Property Management Companies

Universal Solar works with many property management companies to deliver products and services to their clients in a timely, cost-effective manner. Whether your client is interested in heating their rental property pool (or replacing an existing heater), saving money on the utility bill with solar hot water, or powering their rentals with solar electric, we have the solutions for you. We are experienced with working with overseas owners and we offer referral services for our property management partners.

For larger clients, we can scale our systems to fit your needs. Solar hot water can be developed for apartment complexes, hotels, and large industrial operations. We also can outfit large pools with solar pool heating, and solar electric can be scaled to virtually any roof size, ancillary building, or field. Please contact us today for more information on what we can do for your clients.


Homeowners Associations

Universal Solar can assist your community in gaining solar for community areas. Many HOA’s solicit information prior to upcoming budget committee meetings so that they can plan for solar. We can speak as the solar energy specialist at these meetings to educate the committee on the merits of solar, and/or we can give a solar estimate to communities who are ready to proceed. We can assist in quoting solar hot water for community clubhouses, solar pool heating for pools and/or spas, and solar electric for general clubhouse electricity needs. If you have another need beyond these, we can certainly help propose an ideal solution for you. Please contact us today for more information.