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Government properties are one of the leading ways to show our population that green alternatives are available. Not only does it save money for government entities, it also offers further environmental protections for our communities. We can scale solar pool heating, solar hot water heating, and solar electric systems to fit your needs. If you are working on a government bid, we are also happy to talk to you about participation as a sub-contractor. Universal Solar has a commercial large project team that is ready to respond to bid requests / RFP’s. Click to get started.


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Educational facilities have great options with solar. Funds can be used for smart and long-term solutions that both save money and teach children to take part in keeping the planet healthy. Solar hot water heating saves money heating water for cafeterias, bathrooms, and showers. Solar pool heating is useful for schools that have on-site aquatics centers. Solar electric systems provide electricity for schools or ancillary buildings. Please contact us today to find out more information.

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