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Homeowners are more frequently requesting that the homes they buy feature energy efficient improvements. These savvy buyers understand that green packages can be rolled into their mortgages, while saving money on their monthly utilities. Universal Solar partners with home builders to design systems for their customers that will not only conform to the home buyers requests, but also allow the home builder to market themselves as offering green/energy efficient homes. We have several ways that tract and custom home builders can feature solar energy systems.


one way to solar

The first is our home builder referral program. This is an after-construction referral to our company where a home has already been completed prior to a buyer purchasing the home. A new buyer may desire solar pool heating, solar hot water heating, or solar electric be installed on the property. We appreciate our home builders and strive to exceed their expectations for every job. We are contracted by the home buyer directly, although we will update the builder throughout the process.

2 ways to solar

Our second option for builders is the integrated builder program. This is where Universal Solar is sub-contracted by the home builder prior to the completion of the home. It is packaged with the house and can be added on before or after a buyer request. We frequently work with architects for builders who wish to incorporate solar into the design. Solar packages that are popular are solar hot water heating systems (often will be featured on most/all homes in a builder community), and solar electric add-ons, where a home buyer requests a solar electric system be added on during construction where it can be incorporated into the loan.


If you are a tract or custom home builder and wish to partner with Universal Solar, please contact us to set up a meeting.