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You can go solar for as little as $0 down with our financing programs.

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Save a bit now, save a lot later. Solar saves money from day one, but the longer you own them, the more you save.



How Much Can I Save with Solar?


This is a great question that we get on a daily basis. There is no exact answer, since savings depend on factors such as current consumption, size of system, site conditions, etc.


residential waterPools without a heating system would not “save” any money by going solar. However, if the pool is unusable due to it being too cold the majority of the year, then a solar heating system would not only add value to the home, it would bring a more comfortable experience. A pool is an expensive home improvement that too often goes wasted when homeowners are not able to fully utilize it. Heating with gas or electric pumps costs hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, so solar is really the only practical way to heat your pool long-term.


solar hot water heating resSolar hot water heating is one of our favorites due to the amount of money saved vs. fairly low installation costs. While it is slightly more costly initially than a regular water heater, incentives quickly lower the price and allow you to save around 20-30% of your utility bill from day 1. The average system has a ROI of around 3 years, making this one of the most sensible home improvements you can make. Imagine any other home improvement paying itself off within such a short amount of time, then continuing to “pay” you for 15+ years!


saving money with solar panelsSolar electric systems generate a lot of interest but not a lot of information is available online about their costs. Why? Again, the elements that go into the system design are customized per site. It is hard to give accurate pricing details when variables are unique to every home and situation. We take into account not only site conditions, but also your current power consumption, budget, % of energy you’d like to produce from solar, whether you’d like battery-backup, and any limiting factors.


What Does Solar Cost?


affordable solar cost helpWe understand that homeowners just want to know the “price”, which is why we give free on-site estimates. Solar is more affordable than ever and we can design a system to maximize your budget. Universal Solar’s energy specialists are fully trained to answer any of your questions, while analyzing exactly what your needs are and what system best meets those needs. These are no-obligation consultations and we give you the opportunity to discuss your project with the specialist before the appointment.


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Where Can I Get Financing?


calculator solar financingThere are many reasons why a homeowner might decide to seek financing for their energy efficiency improvements. Universal Solar has many options to help find a financing solution. We work with several financial institutions that offer unsecured loans at competitive rates, and homeowners are able to seek their own financing (such as with credit cards, personal loans, home equity loans, etc). Osceola County (FL) residents are also eligible for the new PACE program, which adds loan payments onto their annual property tax bill and stays with the home even in the event of a sale.spacer