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re roof re-roof solar


When it is time to get a new roof, Universal Solar is able to remove your existing solar panels before your roofers arrive, then re-install the solar panels after the roofing project is complete.


We coordinate with the roofing contractor to ensure that your project stays on schedule. Universal Solar works with either insurance claims or self-pay clients.

repair solar

Solar Repair & Replacements

Solar systems may occasionally need repairs or replacing. We can repair all brands of solar panels and parts / components and work to see you as quickly as possible. If your panels are irreparably damaged in a storm, we can also give an estimate for replacement as either a self-pay or insurance claim estimate.


If your existing system has reached its max life and it is time for a new system, we can replace your existing system by taking it down, sealing any holes, then replacing with a brand new system.

solar service

Solar Service

Universal Solar can service any brand solar panel / system. We service systems for any variety of reasons including: solar panel cleaning, system inspections for pre-sale or post-sale home purchases, system knowledge/tutorials for new home buyers, etc. Overall your system should need minimal to no maintenance, but we are here if the need arises.

solar air conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar A/C is a newer solar offering that pairs a new high-efficiency air conditioning system with a small solar electric system. By combining the two, homeowners are able to save dramatically on their cooling and heating costs. Universal Solar and Universal Heating and Air Conditioning (Lic# CAC053238) are proud to partner in this system installation.

solar attic fan

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans can help cool down your attic areas, leading to reduced cooling costs. We recommend pairing solar attic fans with our insulation service or solar a/c system to have the biggest effect on cooling.

energy efficient home


Solar is not the only way you can improve home energy efficiency. New insulation can help block heat from entering (or exiting) your home, lowering your heating and cooling costs. We offer this service in conjunction with any of our solar heating, cooling, or energy systems.

variable speed pool pump

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable speed pool pumps can eliminate 40-75% of your pool pump energy costs. These pumps are ultra-quiet and can be programmed to run higher speeds for peak performance during usage or lower speeds for maintenance / vacations.


Energy Efficiency Packages

Universal Solar can analyze your energy needs to design packages that maximize energy efficiency, available rebates/incentives, and desired energy independence. Each analysis we complete will offer a variety of options so the homeowner is able to choose what is most important to them.